Williamson’s Supermarkets - ‘Supporting Our Communities’

In July 1976 my family moved to Gisborne and started our family supermarket at 24 Hamilton Street Gisborne. Over 36 years later our family continues to service families of the Gisborne and Macedon Ranges in these same premises. As a family throughout this time we have been extremely committed to supporting local charities, schools, sporting groups and organisations.

In my immediate family there were five children who all attended the Local Primary School, played sport locally and were involved in local community groups. We all still live in this community and now it is our children that are attending our schools, kindergartens, sporting and community groups and we as adults have now taken on different roles on committees helping these groups function. I think this is an invaluable quality that my parents instilled in us – that the importance of community support is paramount, so at all times here at Foodworks we keep that value as our core belief.

It would be impossible to share with you all the ways in which we have supported community groups throughout this time but I would like to share some of those major commitments of which I am most proud:

  • Ash Wednesday Bush Fires in 1983 - Our family opened our store that night for any family, community group or volunteer who needed supplies & donated all goods.
  • Donated the first Jaws of Life to the SES in the early 1980’s
  • Every school since our conception has been supported by way of cash and goods donated for their fund raising efforts upon request.
  • Local sporting clubs have also received cash or goods donated and we have recently committed $10,000 towards the development of the Gisborne Indoor Stadium.
  • In April of this year our stores raised a combined $30,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal

Our business is continually approached by local schools, community groups, organisations and clubs requesting sponsorship or donations for worthy causes and events. Obviously we try to give as much as possible to help benefit and grow our local community and support the people of our town and surrounds.

Kind Regards,
David Williamson